DLB-R300 interim high speed label printing machine
● Full servo drive control, and Ashkenazi servo motor and functional response of the speed    controller. Coupled with unique design andintegration, perfect to create a flagship model.
● Well-designed man-machine interface, simple and smoothprogramming and selection of    high-expansion image to view thesystem can easily master the printing precision and effect    to facilitatethe adjustment of the operator, you can save on paper waste and tocontrol the    printing quality
● The servo unwinder suction roller and pressure roller device, in accordance with the needsof    a variety of printed materials, you can use both the suction andpressure roller can also be    individually pull the paper
● Servo unwinder using a continuous feed, with a unique intermittentreturn to the tension    control, there will be no paper to stop feedingfrustrated phenomenon.
● Color adjustment accuracy E+L edge of the paper correction device correcting the paper to    reduce paper distorted, thus ensuringthe quality of printing.
● The color adjustment applications servo motor control, the minimumfine-tuning the amount    of 0.01mm. In operation around easily operate to adjust
● Exclusive impression adjustment device
● Exclusive impression adjustment device can be synchronous liftingimpression point,    Unilateral fine-tuning of synchronized upper and lower pressure levelimpression design is    simple and fast but also accurate.
Max. web width 100-300 mm
Max. Printing Area 280mm
Printing Colors 2 ~ 9 colors
Printing stations Standard 2~9 Stations 
special order can be requested)
By standard 2nd pass unit can do as many color quantity as the setting
Machine Weight  
Maximum diameter Unwinder Ø 500 mm
Maximum diameter Rewinder Ø 500 mm
Max. printing speed 30 ~ 220 paper/ Minute
Power 380 V/AC / 50/60 Hz
Machine dimension L600 x W132 x H 140 (cm)
Machine weight 6500KG(N.W.) ,7100 KG(G.W.)
Standard Unit
Unwinder Printing Unit
Rewinder CCD Camera / Video Scanner
UV Curing Unit Second Pass Printing Unit
Plate Mounter  
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